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Monday Night (!) Pencil Sketch

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I’m starting to re-post from poolswimmer, but when I draw things they should end up here, as an anchor, so I deem it fine.

Crazy idea: Houjuu Nue from 東方星蓮船 ~ Undefined Fantastic Object, and Ultimate Chimera from MOTHER 3. They’re both chimeras! Let’s sketch fan art of them together.

I did that sometime last year, and then didn’t finish the sketch, and then forgot about it… for a year. Pulled it from my closet tonight and added the finishing pencil lines.I may line it on my tablet and shade it; I may line it in pen and color it with pencils! I may do both! I may forget about it again for another year! But I think it’s pretty neat-o regardless.


Tuesday Night… Tilly.

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Tilly is an enigma wrapped in a hard carapace wrapped in a soft wool mantle. Or he’s just an anthropomorphic Tentomon that I cooked up a year or two ago. It’s interesting: When you give a character the ability to have facial expressions, you gain a whole new degree of appreciation for them.

Well, that’s what happened to me, anyway.

This cheerful fellow has become my mascot of sorts. He has also gone through a lot of design iterations. I have this thing where clothing is hard to design, but hairstyle is pretty easy to design. At some point I’ve been meaning to make a design sheet or a concept sketch detailing what I have managed to staple together but I think about it and then it’s kind of daunting.

I SAID CHEERFUL FELLOW, DANGIT. OK, fine, whatever. That’s like from 3 AM from few months ago and I’m cheating by putting it up here.  Tuesdays have become way too busy to devote to tablet time.

This week I am at my boyfriend’s house, and I lugged the computer up with me. Mostly to feel motivated when I have free time, which, since this is my vacation, is often. Except I’ve been drawing on post-its instead. And then placing them on my computer.

Little stick figure Tillies, why are you so cute!?

Here’s the swarm growing on my computer…

A small army of sentient ladybug men ready to nag me about how I spend my Tuesday nights I guess…!

In case anyone wasn’t aware, though I have it linked here, you can see some of our World of Warcraft follies on my youtube channel, Coxyko.

Lately also I have been playing a lot of Picross 3D! What a great impulse buy. If you even KNOW what Picross/Paint-by-Numbers/Pic-a-Pix is, let alone enjoy it, I highly recommend the 3D experience. It almost makes me want to take up chiseling as a hobby, except I’m pretty sure chiseling is nothing like Picross 3D. I’ll stick to pencil scrabbles and music loop composition…

Tuesday Night Tablet…?

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I didn’t get to draw anything really tonight… Partly because I’ve been staring at TOHO CLOCK.

but also because we didn’t have that much downtime in ICC because…

when we had our 5 minute break, I was too busy having to look up info on Hunter Best-In-Slot Trinkets, because I got Deathbringer’s Will. It was a curse disguised as a blessing! … but that trinket is so fun regardless. 🙂

Tuesday Night Tablet

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Maintenance + battlegroup crash = crappy Tuesday.

Tuesday Night Tablet

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I’m really tired.that’s a reaaaally small representation of Vaiyr the godmac. You don’t mess with a 27 inch screen. Also, that PC had it coming. Look how old it is! A newer PC would last much longer. 8)

Tuesday Night Tablet

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We had a really productive Tuesday night. So I didn’t get to draw much. Go figure.Mawile-y things (Mawile is one of my favorite Pokémon!). THE JAGGERMAW is something I wish Mawile would evolve into, my best guess of how Mawile would look if the horns continued to take over it, until it became a very ferocious beast. I also designed a pre-evolution back in the day ( Ramile, which has the horns BEFORE they turn into a crazy mouth). The only flaw with my line is that it basically goes from “cute ram thing” to “futakuchi-onna” to  “The Jabberwocky and a Mawile merged together”. I wish Mawile would get more attention, though. It took two more generations before it even really got any STAB moves. It’s too bad Jaggermaw’s typeage (Steel/Dark) now has official representation in Black/White now with Pawniard/Bisharp, so I can’t be UNIQUE! But, really, why isn’t Mawile a dark type if she’s all about trickey?

Tuesday Night Tablet

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Every Tuesday night, the raid week starts. My World of Warcraft guild runs into Icecrown Citadel and lays waste to its occupants for about four hours. This is supposed to happen on Wednesday and Thursday nights as well, but Tuesday is when we get the most done. It’s also the night I have to worry the least about being 200% attentive, since it’s all stuff I’ve done before. So I’ve started to spend my downtime on my tablet. I did this a few weeks ago with the result being my current twitter avatar, among other things, so it’s productive!

I didn’t get a lot drawn tonight, we cleared a lot more than I’m used to…My devilsaur throwing the anchor was a guildmate’s suggestion.