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デジモン アドベンチァー

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Ladies and Gentlemen, I present the newest bane of my existence

UNLEASHTHEKRAKENPlaying this will probably be nothing like when I import Pokémon games and only have to worry about monster and attack names. Thanks to the Kizuna Rank/Combo system (aka my self-titled “dating sim” experience) I actually have to PAY ATTENTION to dialogue. Story-wise, I’ve memorized the show by now so I’m not too worried.


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Moving right along

lololol Crossovers
No, Terrato, be a good nether ray.
No, Terrato, don’t eat the laptop.

Boop Boop Doodling

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Neilaren is in despair.

New thing: Gonna try and draw an Izzy every day:

Day 1: Boop

Goofusmon and Gallantmon

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Because I always like making Digimon image macros…
Tyler and I got into a conversation about Goofus and Gallant last night and it didn’t take very long to have this come out of it. I credit him with the second image caption.

Whatever Taichi’s doing isn’t obvious. He has all these times where he’s reckless and flirts with danger, and none of it ever looks obvious when it’s screencapped. Oh well, hopefully it’s vaguely apparent enough that he’s basically running toward a large monster with a stick, here. The other option I was looking at was in the SkullGreymon episode, but even though it’s obvious he’s holding a rock (after he threw one at the enemy Greymon), it’s not obvious that 1) He just threw a rock and 2) The Greymon in the background is NOT the Greymon that is his friend. I mean, sure, there’s even that whole episode where he does a bunch of stupid things because he has the “I’m just data like in a video game so nothing bad will happen to me right?” mentality, but without captions of what’s being said nothing really shows what’s going on. All rather unfortunate.

The Little Snail that Doesn’t Wanna

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That snail really tried, he did.           gloooorp.

Coleoptera are beetles. You know… ladybugs, kabutomushi, atlas beetles, hercules beetles … they also have hard exoskeletons! No wonder Izzy got confused! But snails are mollusks, not insects. Also, beetles are way more mobile.

We Apologize for the Inconvenience…

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…while we go rescue Izzy from the Documentation Aliens.

(I continue the trend of drawing fantastic super duper Digimon fanart)

I was bit by the documentation bug, so not only am I spending my days at the office updating whatever procedures I can think of (and if I’m not doing that, I’m organizing whatever we already have in our Procedures folders), but I’m outlining a future World of Warcraft Beast Mastery Hunter guide.

Izzy’s KnowledgeSilver Quest: Vs. Clair

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What is with this game and stubborn gym leaders that refuse to just hand over badges when they lose?

Also, what is with every game in this series having one leveling choke-point where you’re forced to fight hardly anything but Gravellers for levels? Luckily this time I could escape to the Ice Path, but then it’s mostly Golbats there, which is kind of similar. You know what I’m looking forward to most in my Pokémon Black game? No Geodudes, no Gravellers, no Zubats, no Golbats! No Pokémon from earlier generations are going to show up in Isshu! At least not for the main plot line. It’s a nice feeling to start on a blank slate, yes? I’m sure I’ll get equally annoyed with whatever they use as the equivalent to my rocky and batty friends down the line…

This gym battle. This gym battle. This gym battle. Is an eyesore. I tried no less than 3 different strategies before something finally worked, and the end result was hilarious. I already knew Clair’s Kingdra was going to be a thorn in my side.

The full fight after the break. -> Continue reading