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Find Me Everywhere

Posted in Networking on 06/05/2012 by izzicality

I’ll use this post to list my presence around the internet. It will be updated when I create/remember more!

As a good rule of thumb, I’ve started trying to be consistent in my aliasing. I’m always going by either Izzy or Coxy, but most of my website aliases are either “izzicality” or “coxyko” due to the ease of the originals being taken.
If it’s World of Warcraft-related, sometimes I will go by Neilaren, since that is my primary character.

Blog (You are here!):

I call this my sketch blog, although occasionally I will probably post other things besides sketches and doodles.

Yes, this is a link to the place you are at right now! Or, it better be. If it’s not, there is a problem and you should let me know.


Think of this as “All Kinds of Chips After Hours”. Updates more frequently, very informal (swearing, warning, I try to otherwise keep it safe-for-work), and a fair bit more social.


My Youtube loudspeaker, occasionally does other Twitter-esque things.


Videos, of course. World of Warcraft raid videos and whatever else finds its way in the mix.


When I compose music, it’ll end up here more often than it would anywhere else. Battletag: Coxy#1419

Come play World of Warcraft with Neilaren (or any of my alts, really)! I also have Diablo III, though I haven’t been playing it recently.


Shiny Pokémon and PAX East 2011

Posted in Drawing, Networking, Pokémon with tags , , , on 03/24/2011 by izzicality

I now own Pokémon White (to go with Japanese Black) and am close to the end of the main storyline. It’s that last little grind before the Elite 4. My team has a very special member:

Shiny Deino! And he is a great nature too, at least for his final form. I really lucked out! 🙂

Yesterday I was browsing smogon to see if they have any strategies up for the new generation yet. I’m not a competitive battler at all, but I like to know recommended natures for things so I can have a little edge. I happened upon articles upon articles about abusing the random number generator to guarantee shinies and good IVs and all of that crazy stuff using outside seed generating programs and step-by-step processes and… really?I hatched about 15 eggs and got a decent shiny, my first legit shiny since the Bagon I had on my Emerald ROM (that was eaten by a corrupted battery save, RIP Micah!… isn’t that weird, both of my shinies have been dragons? I really like dragons!), and people are capable of running perfect-shiny-mills? I feel like that’s cheating. Well, it makes my success all the more awesome.

Anyway, Atramedes has a backstory, and it has to do with the other topic of discussion. I went to PAX East March 11-13. To be honest I hadn’t remembered about it coming up, even though I enjoyed PAX East last year, not as many people that I knew seemed to be going, and I wasn’t certain that I’d enjoy myself. So, heavily into White for 3 days at this point, I developed a cunning plan. Since I bred a Snivy and a Deino from Black and traded it over to White anyway (because I’m tired of playing Pokémon as if it’s brand new every time…bring on the traded exp boost and the end game creatures!), I decided to breed several more Deinos with the full intention of trading them to other people during PAX as a conversation starter, or just to be slightly memorable. I bred 15 Deinos, and the very last one was a happy bouncing baby shiny, which I named Atramedes (everyone’s favorite blind WoW dragon, who dropped Themios the Darkbringer for me tonight, FINALLY…) and claimed for myself, in the name of all of Izzydom. I mean, my first shiny that will not promptly die because of flash memory mishaps, is actually on a cart game, easily shown off to others… It’s so exciting! I wasn’t expecting it, even while fully aware of the Masuda Method. At least, I wasn’t expecting it after just 15 eggs… (The egg, it already hatched… no, not that egg!)

Friday I didn’t get any trading accomplished, thanks to the very limited capabilities of what you can say in C-Gear, and the fact that no one’s looking at their C-Gear list anyway. I also didn’t spend a lot of time in the Handheld Lounge, where most of the Pokémon players were probably piling. It was pretty late when I went there, too. So, with burning determination the next day, I sat down at the hotel’s bar, eating my clam chowder and sketching out a board that I’d hang around my neck.

I remember the summers I’d just sit with my binder of Pokémon cards, using each as reference to redraw the images. I haven’t really done that in a while, but drawing a Deino onto my sign with only my Pokédex handy didn’t prove too taxing. I just wish I had anything blue to color it with.

The premise was simple: Trade me absolutely anything, and I give you an adorable little pseudo-legendary in return. The only caveat was that this level 1 hatched creature would take a full 64 levels to reach its highest potential. The sign proved very successful. I got 2 traders at the expo hall (while waiting in lines, no less, which made things hectic). One of them was a gym leader from the PAX Pokémon League! And almost fittingly so, the Dark type leader. He told me to seek him out at the Handheld Lounge later, where I could pick up a gym badge for my generosity.

Within the lounge business was slow, at first, but after I made at least one trade, word spread fast. Many people were just starting their 5th generation games and were thrilled that I was fine taking their wasteful Lillipups in exchange, and some lamented not bringing their copies. I traded so many Deinos that I had to stop and breed more! I think I gave away close to 25 Deinos by the end of Sunday, with 2 leftover. One has already gone across the GTS, and the other has since caught Pokérus… I should save her for something good. >:)

I also did get my gym badge, as promised. My anecdote is that I earned it “the Ash Ketchum Way”.

My signature Izzy pin got a lot of positive attention too. I’m mostly surprised that it was not only recognized, but lauded in a Pokémon gathering. The only thing I find better than an awesome conversation is an awesome conversation about Digimon.

I also found my way into an impromptu dance party on Saturday night, which killed my legs, but was still tons of fun. All in all, PAX East 2011 was a big success! I’m already looking forward to hanging out with some of my new Pokémon friends next weekend, and I’m even planning on making the trek to Washington for PAX Prime! We’ll see, though. I’m not very fond of airplane rides.