Izzy’s KnowledgeSilver Quest: Table of Contents

I managed to migrate over all of my vignettes of my “play Pokémon SoulSilver as if I was Koushiro “Izzy” Izumi” challenge to here from where they’ve been in my Facebook notes. I did most of the challenge back in March when I bought the game, and then got distracted by a few other DS games after Jasmine. I’m playing again to pass the time before I get sucked into Pokémon Black around mid-September (pre-ordered the Japanese version). All of the previous posts are backdated to their original post dates.

You can also click on the “KnowledgeSilver” tab to find them all, but here is a list in order of Gym Leader.

Rules of the Challenge -> [Go!]

Vs. Falkner -> [Go!]

Vs. Bugsy -> [Go!]

Vs. Whitney -> [Go!]

Vs. Morty -> [Go!]

Vs. Chuck -> [Go!]

Vs. Jasmine -> [Go!]

Vs. Pryce -> [Go!]

Vs. Clair -> [Go!]


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