Izzy’s KnowledgeSilver Quest: Vs. Jasmine

Izzy would like to point out that Jasmine is the gym leader who threw out her rock type Pokémon to discover A WHOLE NEW WORLD within the steel type, thus granting her a NEW FANTASTIC POINT OF VIEW toward Pokémon battling.

And bad puns.

…I didn’t forget about this! I haven’t actually been playing lately! And this particular piece I did a while ago.. and DID forget to post. So I guess I actually… did… forget. Well, it’s not my fault! YET AGAIN I raised at least 3 new Pokemon from scratch. It was boring. Fight after the break. ->

BEFORE (according to my photo name, I did this back on April 5th..):

I only need a Magnemite Killer and a Steelix Killer, so everything else is backup.

Vadermon: This. Is my Surf slave. He will NOT steal my inquisitive heart. He will NOT steal my inquisitive heart. He will NOT steal my inquisitive heart… Though, if I retain my desire for Knowledge, according to Vadermon, I’ll go to Hell… I don’t want to know. I don’t want to know… (want to buy Rule 34 on Vadermon x Izzy, please send tell)
…Episode 24 of Digimon Adventure, “Crush! Atlurkabuterimon” (“No Questions Please” if you follow the English version) is hands down my favorite, even though it’s ludicrously creepy. And having taken an Eastern Religions class back in College, resulting in an even larger fascination of the episode, I wouldn’t be surprised if somewhere down the line I wrote a lengthy essay about the theme of 修行 (Shuugyou, or Asceticism) present, as well as everything else I wish the writers could have added in or done differently if time constraints allowed… oh, my head hurts just thinking about it.

Salamandaa: He is what he is. Pokemon’s constant tradition of no variety of fire types greatly saddens me when I don’t choose one as my starter. This is the first time I’ve used a Magmar.

Ranchama: SUPPA TENKO!!! Vulpix really sucks. I realized this far too late. The problem with stone evolution Pokémon is that you either evolve them for the stats and just waste TMs for moves, or grind levels while putting your head through the nearest wall. I doubt I’ll actually use it.



This is the part where I am sad because I don’t remember what happened at all. Iorikun vs. the first Magnemite, used Dig, GG. She sent out Steelix next. I think it took two of Vadermon’s Surfs to beat, with Steelix using Sandstorm in between because it is dumb. And I possibly used either Atlurchan or Salamandaa to point and laugh at the last Magnemite. But it was prodigously easy either way. Just in case, let me list from a combination of currently in-game and from-memory:

Iorikun – Sandslash – Lv 30
Fury Cutter
Crush Claw

Vadermon – Tentacruel – Lv 30
Toxic Spikes

Salamandaa – Magmar – Lv 30
Fire Spin
Faint Attack
Fire Punch
Confuse Ray

Atlurchan – Heracross – Lv 30 (though, she’s 32 now)
Aerial Ace
Brick Break
Horn Attack (see, now it’s Take Down, but I remembered)

Again, I don’t remember which of the latter two I used.

I’ve since gone to Mahogany Town, caught the Red Gyarados (I named her “Mizuchi”), and cleared Team Rocket out of there. They were really under my level, it didn’t make sense. So VERY SOON I’ll post again about Pryce, OK? Like I said, I haven’t been playing this much lately.

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