Izzy’s KnowledgeSilver quest: VS. Falkner

What a weird name Falkner is. What does it have to do with birds?
Actually, after looking it up, Falkner (well, Faulkner) is a name that means, basically, “Falconer”… you know, people who train birds-of-prey for hunting. Ooh, clever, clever.

The fight after the break ->


I only plan on using the first two here. Rocky is the Onix you get when you trade some kid in Violet City a Bellsprout.

What’s funny, I have a lot of pokemon in my pc box now with the -san and -chan appendages that are way more relevant, but somehow here I ended up with nothing of the sort here. It’s not important, but it IS funny.

Ixiah the Mareep: I… “had” a mareep in an old community forum by this name. It only seemed fitting to keep using the name as tribute.

Rocky: I didn’t get to choose this, but it kind of fits in.

Wildy: Wildy San, the ferret of DMFA. I could have gotten away with Wildysan, therefore, but IRONY! DMFA is a comic I read sometimes, and not a game, making this doubly abnormal.

Dynablade: What, you don’t think Spearow looks like Dynablade?

Mindy: ALL HAIL QUEEN MINDY. (my wasp pet in WoW, remember? also BUGS LOLOL)

Muckbreath: Named after my favorite crocolisk minipet in WoW.

So already we can assume from my set up that Izzy plays World of Warcraft. He does, in fact. He plays a goblin hunter on Shu’halo. AND TAMES ALL THE BUGS.
(There’s also the night elf druid on Vek’nilash…)


Falkner did not watch out for that huge bee.

Mindy’s just there for the picture. I used:

Ixiah – Mareep – Lv 10

Rocky – Onix – Lv 10 (Lv 11 by end, blasted traded pokemon)
Rock Throw

The lead pokemon following you around and emoting at you is kind of cute, kind of funny:

me: uh oh
tyler: that means she wants to clean him
me: that’s a challenge to tentomon right there
tyler: oh dear
me: if jeff nimoy’s con conversation means anything
me: where in his con conversation he decided to mock a tentomon voice and say “Izzy it’s time for your bath”
tyler: hahaha

I am playing kind of slow, but that’s because I can only really play at night, and I have a nasty head cold. It kept me home today, but I slept the entire day as a result.

But next I apparently get to take care of an egg? (“The egg, it’s already hatched… OOOH, NOT THAT EGG.”) 8)

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