Izzy’s KnowledgeSilver Quest: Vs. Clair

What is with this game and stubborn gym leaders that refuse to just hand over badges when they lose?

Also, what is with every game in this series having one leveling choke-point where you’re forced to fight hardly anything but Gravellers for levels? Luckily this time I could escape to the Ice Path, but then it’s mostly Golbats there, which is kind of similar. You know what I’m looking forward to most in my Pokémon Black game? No Geodudes, no Gravellers, no Zubats, no Golbats! No Pokémon from earlier generations are going to show up in Isshu! At least not for the main plot line. It’s a nice feeling to start on a blank slate, yes? I’m sure I’ll get equally annoyed with whatever they use as the equivalent to my rocky and batty friends down the line…

This gym battle. This gym battle. This gym battle. Is an eyesore. I tried no less than 3 different strategies before something finally worked, and the end result was hilarious. I already knew Clair’s Kingdra was going to be a thorn in my side.

The full fight after the break. ->BEFORE:

Everything grinded even more in levels for this place. It’s a wonder I still play Pokémon games with the amount of grinding I subject myself to.

I don’t think anyone here is actually new to my team. I definitely had to rely on some weird strategies here. Sure, they give me 3 ice types in the Ice Path to choose from, but Delibird is a joke, Jynx isn’t something I’d use even for a challenge, and Swinub’s line has a weakness to water, which is the second most common attack type Clair uses. Besides that, there’s Dewgong, which Pryce used, anything that I could possibly attach Ice Beam to (only 10,000 coins at Voltorb Flip! Haaahahaha…) and, hey, Muckbreath has Ice Fang! There we go. Also, any other dragon is a good idea, except the only thing that can beat a dragon is another dragon, so it’s a glass cannon idea. I’ve been raising Ryuusama since I bought her at the Voltorb Flip corner, and she finally learned a decent dragon move, Dragon Rush. It has 75 accuracy, though, so that’s sure to kick me in the pants. I played around with the idea of spending more coins on a Wide Lens, or even a Zoom Lens, since the Kingdra was sure to be faster, and 20% more accuracy would be a godsend, but with my Dragonair likely being one-shot by a Dragon Pulse, she needed a Haban berry to hold to weaken that blow, so back to crossing my fingers. There is also the option of using Grandma Wilma to teach her Draco Meteor for a sure hit kill, but I still need the Haban berry, so that’s the real last resort idea. (I also have a event Jirachi with Draco Meteor, but it’s level 5, and Izzy would write “I wish I didn’t exist” on all of his tanzakus during Tanabata, so I don’t think Jirachi is a good idea…) The only other Dragon in this entire game, pre-National Dex, is a Kingdra, which requires raising a Seadra and having a Dragon Scale to attach to it for a trade session. Most strategies for this gym forego you even having a dragon, and just say “Use your best attacks that would hit Kingdra for neutral damage”, since it’s only weak to Dragon moves thanks to its Water typing. What a great gym!

(Sorry about that wall of text.)

How many more times can I say Dragon in this post? It’s a good thing I like Dragons. I’d do the thing Encyclopedia Obscura did once and start adding more uses of the word dragon every time I said dragon dragon, but if I had started in that last paragraph there would be nothing but entire paragraphs of dragon dragon dragon. Oh no, what have I started!?

Clair also uses a Gyarados, which is different than in her original appearance, where she had a third Dragondragondragondragonair, and that is what Aleins is for. Rather than spend the rest of my life playing Voltorb Flip, Magneton learns Discharge at level 40, a move which trades a little bit of base attack power for a higher paralysis rate. But since it’s a special attack, it’s already leagues better than Spark is in my book, and losing 10 or 15 or whatever base power isn’t going to amount to much. I’ll get that Thunderbolt TM at my own leisure.


As if the hell of resetting my game multiple times wasn’t enough, I then had to waste all my repels surfing through a cave, lest I was driven mad by hordes of Magikarp, so I could answer some silly questions and finally get my badge. I have to wonder why Clair hasn’t been able to pass this exam yet. Maybe she gets stuck on wanting Pokémon to be her friends instead of her allies. YEAH I DON’T GET THAT EITHER, GAME.

Every attempt I did had Aleins destroy the Gyarados, as all Gyarados should be destroyed completely out of existance, because they are so stupid and useless, and Muckbreath dispatching both of Clair’s Dragondragondragondragondragonairs. Those words rhyme, I like that. Anyway, both of them had the strategy to use Thunder Wave first, followed by Dragondragondragondragondragondragon Pulse ad nauseum. Ice Fang seems to have a decent freeze rate, which was helpful for the first one, even if Shed Skin fixed it fast, it would die without causing trouble. Ice Fang couldn’t OHKO either of them, so the second one would usually paralyze Muckbreath and do some damage before it went down. Clair also always wasted her Hyper Potion here. Kingdra, and my stupid strategy for Kingdra, was the only reason I had to reset 3 times. My first attempt was my reminder that I needed the Haban berry to weaken Kingdra’s Dragondragondragondragondragondragondragon Pulse, and I couldn’t rely on a Zoom Lens. The second attempt, Dragondragondragondragondragondragondragondragon Rush missed, of course. The third time, Kingdra scored a critical hit, which, Haban berry or no, it’s game over for Ryuusama, especially with Kingdra’s Sniper ability making Critical Hits 3x instead of 2x damage. Finally, the move connected, which brought Kingdra to yellow (A sitrus berry brought it back to half health). Sigh. I figured I’d let Atlurchan Close Combat finish, and I told Tyler over AIM, “I hope this is an epic finish.”

Oh, yeah, sure was. I know Kingdra was faster than a Dragondragondragondragondragondragondragondragondragonair (pfffft, this is ridiculous) by base stats alone, but my Heracross is faster… but apparently Kingdra is faster still. So I saw “HYDRO PUMP” and figured “oh, game over, yet again”. Except while shuffling hold items around, at some point I gave Atlurchan Bright Powder. That’s an item that will lower the enemy’s accuracy. Hydro Pump happened to miss. So I did in fact get my Close Combat finish. (And I really really really like my Heracross, still)

There’s a couple of things I get to do now. Go into Whirl Islands and capture Lugia (OH JOYOUS JOY I SURE DO LOVE CATCHING LEGENDARIES WITH THEIR 3 CATCH RATE AND POWERFUL ATTACKS), fix my team up for the Elite 4 Round 1, that sort of thing.

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