Izzy’s KnowledgeSilver Quest: Vs. Pryce

His middle name is Willow, it does not bend easily… or something like that. He must also be pretty dang resilient if he’s holed up in a Freezer-for-a-Gym.If this was the digital world, this gym would be under a lake. Hey, I wonder if his computer screensaver is the one with the fish swimming around on it. Great minds think alike…

I said I’d be doing this again, and I am! If it wasn’t for the new Safari Zone area, grinding various monsters to 32 would have been beyond painful. It was still painful, just not beyond it… Near the end of my harsh training, I played a lot of Picross 3D. Fight after the break. ->


It’s an Ice gym by attacks only for the majority of this. Go, my little powerhouse Magnet Brigade! Go, my Destroyer of Gyms Atlurkabuterimonchan! Sit there and do nothing, everybody else!

Sure, I brought Salamandaa along, but since two of Pryce’s Pokémon are water type and also have Thick Fat, and the third boasts part Ground type, there’s no point really. The bottom two would be wrecked by ice attacks in a second’s notice, but I was too lazy to care about substituting warm bodies. Muckbreath would be a decent tank, but he won’t be needed.

Lil’ Kou: I don’t know if I ever mentioned this before (Hint: I didn’t) but a Cubone is Izzy, and Izzy is a Cubone. A orphaned creature that spends its life mourning the loss of its mother, that then evolves once when it gets over its inner angst? Truly they are Woobie twins (no TVTropes link, because I want you to still be reading this). I’d start drawing out the parallels but I don’t think anyone here wants to hear my twenty-minute long Koushiro-psychoanalysis spiel. Ironically, I’ve never paid any attention to Cubones/Marowaks in my Pokémon history, mostly because they were usually so cumbersome to get a hold of and also because I just never used ground types before. Even here I had to do some Safari Zone map manipulation, and a lot of grass-shaking. But they are little powerhouses, especially when they are holding their Thick Club (which Lil’ Kou in fact is holding. I think I managed to nab one in my Platinum game, so I traded the item over on something). It also has a decent Defense, but not so much a Special Defense, and it’s kind of slow. Lil’ Kou wasn’t a great attacker as a Cubone, but her attack stat has been skyrocketing since her evolution. It’s a shame that she’s not good for these last two gyms, so hopefully she’ll make her prime time on the Elite 4. She’s replaced Iorikun for ground attacks. I mentioned all Iori would be able to do is Dig when I first started using him, after all.


I WAS BATTLING GENNAISAN!? OTL … Wait, no, still Pryce. I wish it was Gennai… orz

These gym battles are getting so easy it’s depressing. Good thing I hear Clair is definitely a challenge. Seel died to… well, it used Hail, and then Aleins sparked it to near-death, but then Hail shaved off the rest of its HP. How embarrassing for Pryce. I was prepared for trouble with Piloswine, since everything I had for it was weak to either Blizzard or Mud Bomb, but Atlurchan scored a critical hit with Brick Break, so Piloswine went down faster than Palmon did in that one doujinshi about… why did I bring that back to memory? BRB, mind bleach.

…Well, anyway, after that, Dewgong prolonged the inevitable by taking 4 Sparks to kill, using Rest after the first 2, and chipping away at Aleins’s health in the meanwhile.

Aleins – Magneton – Lv 32
Thunder Wave
Spark (I still haven’t gotten that Thunderbolt TM yet… It would have made that battle even more stupidly easy.)
Magnet Bomb

Atlurchan – Heracross – Lv 32
Aerial Ace
Brick Break
Take Down

Now it is time for Izzy to go show Team Rocket what a shrimpy little orphan can do. Lil’ Kou should be really useful here, too!

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