Izzy’s KnowledgeSilver Quest: Vs. Chuck

Izzy will not make Chuck Norris jokes, because he knows that Saurfang will cleave all blasphemers.
I keep wanting to call Chuck “Brawly”, because I’m thinking of the fighting gym from R/S/E. And wasn’t there one in D/P/Pt as well? Wow, I guess the Fighting Dojo in Saffron City received its karma for being snubbed by Sabrina and co. back in the glory days.

BUT FIRST, I battled that Eusine guy from Crystal. His song arrangement for the remakes is lovely.

Eusine has a drowzee, which will die to Muckbreath’s bite. Mink will destroy his Haunter, and NEWCOMER IORI will pitfall his powerful Electrode.

(Yet more cheesy references ahoy! This is the real reason I wanted to do this challenge, because I’m a huge dorkus malorkus when it comes to Digimon.)

Aleins: That living magnet messed up my laptop! NO, THE ALIENS DID IT. ALEINS. LOL.

Iorikun: Look, it’s Armadimon! No, it’s Iori Hida! Well, they have the same (in Japanese) voice actress anyway, it’s hard to tell them apart. I needed a ground move for Eusine’s Electrode, and I didn’t want to use a geodude or onix, but sandshrew had to be TM-trained Dig to actually have a ground move… what a hassle. He’s got pretty decent attack though.

Digitama: MORE EGGS AND CRAP ONE ALREADY HATCHED. Oh those are seeds. Phew. This thing kind of sucks but with my blood and sweat and tears it will be an awesome Sunnybeam-bread-er. Or I’ll get terribly bored of it and stop using it. It’s there for backup for Chuck’s Poliwrath, when I get to him.

With Eusine out of the way… OK, right, Saurfang– I MEAN, CHUCK! Fight after the break. ->


Primeape, Poliwrath, Primeape backup, Poliwrath backup. Reaching the bottom 2 means I fail at life.

EVOLUTIONS! Aleins is a Magneton now, also — nope. no one else. I got really sick of killing tentacools to get everyone to 30, so I stopped. I have apricorns to pick, and Fly HMs to obtain so I can fly to said Apricorns! Life is tough.

My fliers have Charti berries thanks to my in-game-mother-who-spends-my-money. Might as well put them to use, because Chuck’s Primeape is known to use Rock Slide. Aleins will hopefully destroy the Poliwrath, but I have plenty of backup if not.


MIIIIIINK! Because Mindy isn’t here. 😦

I sort of botched the whole “Stop Primeape from using Focus Punch” because I wanted to keep Mink alive after the first Rock Slide, but Dynablade switched into the punch and lived, so it all worked out. Aleins destroyed the Poliwrath handily.

Mink – Togetic – Lv 30

Dynablade – Fearow – Lv 30
Aerial Ace
Mirror Move
Fury Attack

Aleins – Magneton – Lv 30
Thunder Wave
Spark (ugh, must… play Voltorb Flip nonstop… for Thunderbolt TM…)
Magnet Bomb

I’m not sure why I keep using Fearow. I guess Izzy just knows a powerful bird when he sees it. Mink, remember, is my new Fly user, not Dynablade. In fact, I think this was Dynablade’s last hurrah. gym-wise. He served me well.

I could probably go whoop Jasmine’s butt right now, but I’ll wait until later… also, I gotta level a few beasties back up first anyway. Like Muckbreath, and my Surf Slave… mwahaha

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