Izzy’s KnowledgeSilver quest: VS. Bugsy

NOT the suplex beetle partner from Kirby Superstar, but I kind of wish he was…

I had heard Bugsy this time was no pushover, and Izzy doesn’t have cyndaquil to EZmode, so I had to improvise.

Fight after the break ->

I had ONLY planned on using Wildy and the two birds, but it didn’t turn out that way…

My team’s not too much different. My “Extra Pokemon for gym leader-ing” spot goes to a pidgey… I decided I don’t really like Pidgeys anymore. They’re not very good. And don’t tell me to evolve it, it was a chore enough to get my team to 15! I’m in some weird bottleneck of an area where every wild thing is level 6 and my only other choice for training was my rival, Ken (he stole Izzy’s Woobie title! He KICKS PUPPIES, he is a BAD PERSON, etc.) who I easily tossed aside, save for his terrible Bayleef.

Sorasan: BECAUSE IT’S A BIRD AND SORA HAS A BIRD FRIEND and of the birds available, Pidgey is the Piyo-iest. I already have Dynablade and a Hoothoot is… yeah. Piyo piyo~

Ugh, Bugsy’s Scyther is a cheap shot. I already knew his strategy would involve a lot of U Turn abuse, so I had Wildy start (being the only Quick Attacker in my party with a high attack). It took her, Pidgey-fodder, Ixiah (now a Flaaffy!) paralyzing + attacking, and the spearow doing nothing to the Scyther (it killed the other two bugs though!) before Mindy got the final blow. Er, Cut, as it were. All Hail Queen Mindy!


And at that point, only Mindy and Muckbreath were still standing, mostly because Muckbreath wasn’t even used…

so that would make it:

Wildy – Furret – Lv15
Fury Swipes
Defense Curl
Quick Attack

Dynablade – Spearow – Lv15
Fury Attack

Sorasan – Pidgey – Lv15
Sand Attack
Quick Attack (only this was used before it died. Useless Sora…)

Ixiah – Flaaffy – Lv 15
Thunder Wave

Mindy – Beedrill – Lv15 (turned 16 after battle)
Poison Sting (has been replaced with Twinneedle)
Rock Smash
Focus Energy

As you can see, Mindy is my first HM Slave. She’s pretty useful still at this stage of the game, though, so she hasn’t quite transitioned to slave mode yet. And I actually didn’t even remember Weedle was the SS exclusive. I’m used to always having a Butterfree. You realize how well this is working in my favor? I’ve never used a Beedrill before but OMG A HORNET. (shut up, I know kabutomushis aren’t hornets, they are beetles…)

LARGE FOREST MAZE OF INSECTS MY FAVORITE PART… At least I get access to the Breeding Center very soon. Then I can actually do important things!

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