Izzy’s KnowledgeSilver quest: VS. Whitney

Ah, I hear the gym leader of Goldenrod City is a girly girl. What better way to beat her than by scaring her with CREE~E~EEPY CRAWLERS~?
Fight after the break. ->
Now is when Izzy starts getting serious! But not really, because a team full of bugs vs. that Miltank’s Rollout attack is probably a bad idea. Even so, they get all the fighting moves this early on, so it’s just convenient for me! Also, most of my contenders happen to be female, making Attract useless… Uuhuhu.


Planned usage wanes as you snake down, as usual.

Looks pretty different this time around! Some of my usuals are warming the bench. also, Muckbreath evolved! Yaaay!

Muscle: Again, forced to keep that name under a trade. I like how in two cities now I’ve found people wanting pokemon I could conveniently find nearby to trade for a good gym contender. In this case, the female Drowzee I picked up on my way to the city. I get a female Machop in return. Ah, this reminds me of Platinum all over again, and my female Machamp, Butch. She was AWESOME. I digress… Izzy really likes his trading strategy, what can I say. SMARTS!

Atlurchan: I had to level it an extra level just for Brick Break. So much for that brilliant plan. The name? I realize Heracross is named for a Heracles beetle, but it looks like the “Atlur” (“Mega” if you’re western inclined) beetle I know and love… who destroys galaxies and the space time continuum and stuff… except its a girl. Atlurkabuterimon’s love interest then? (8-27-10 Addition: There IS a blue Atlurkabuterimon in the Digimon universe as well, it hails from tropical regions and has more developed pelvic and leg muscles. Why they bother going into that great of detail about it is beyond me, but I think it’s just fascinating.)

Ryuusama: OMG I have never had a Dratini this early in a game before. As much as I hate the NEW WESTERN ANTIGAMBLING view, the Voltorb flip game is ten times better than a slot machine has ever been. I hate gambling as a mini game. It has been replaced with a mix of Minesweeper and Sudoku, two things I can get behind. Even if, as I said, this whole “WE REMOVED THE GAME CORNER IN AMERICA AND EUROPEAN VERSIONS” thing is silly.

Dragonbreath is astonishingly OP right now. I could probably solo Whitney with just the dratini, but I like challenges.



Funny story… Mindy two-shot the Clefairy, and Atlurchan… OHKO’d the Miltank? So much for my CHALLENGE (and my Machop…) Stupid critical hits ruining my fun.

Mindy – Beedrill – Lv 18
Rock Smash
Focus Energy

Atlurchan – Heracross – Lv 19
Aerial Ace
Brick Break
Horn Attack

YES POKÉATHELON!!! Oh, I guess I should raise a team for Morty now… but… distractions!

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