Izzy’s KnowledgeSilver quest: VS. Morty

HIS NAME MEANS DEEEAAAATTTHHHH clearly this is foreboding. Izzy must be as normal as possible to defeat this gym.

Tai (Tyler) has been over so while he continues to lag slightly behind me, complaining the entire way, I spent the time leveling and leveling some more, because as usual I trained at least 2 brand new Pokemon for this gym.
Fight after the break. ->

Not so much “planned usage as usual” and more “the first two are must-haves, the rest are depending on my mood.”

Two mons of this team have Bite. Dynablade (now a Fearow! Yaaaay) has Pursuit, and really high attack. That Togetic on the top right has a psychic move (I dunno, the mysterious egg hatched with it! Bonus.) and my dratini has Dragon Rage, good enough for me. Mindy is just… Mindyyyyyyy. I thought a bug move would be great here, but then I remembered halfway through the battle that poison cancels that all out. Oh well.

(Warning: A lot of cheesy references to Digimon Adventure’s English version follow, because I’ve memorized so many quotes from it.)
Meeko: Tai, I BORROWED your cat. I’d give it back, but Meowths aren’t available in Heartgold. HAWWW. …But at least she’s not stuck in a tree in Odaiba, right? Pickup gets me lots of shiny items like ultra balls, full heals, and hyper potions. She even gave me a rare candy! She’s so nice…

Mink: THE EGG… IT’S ALREADY HATCHED! … No, not that egg! The Odd Egg! Into a Togepi with Extrasensory! Who I then turned into a Togetic. This will eventually be my Fly slave. Though, since he’ll only learn Fly and no other HMs, he’s not a HM slave per the rules, but I felt like he needed relevance anyway. Mink is another DMFA character. Lovable Squiggle with his/her/its joy affinity!


MINDY POSE. This may be the last time she tags along, though. Mindyyyyy ;_;

Nice and easy!

Meeko – Meowth – Lv22 (Lv23 by end)
Fake Out
Fury Swipes

Mindy – Beedrill – Lv 21
Rock Smash
Focus Energy

Muckbreath – Croconaw – Lv 22
Ice Fang
Water Gun
Scary Face

Mink – Togetic – Lv24 (Lv 25 by end)

Meeko made quick work of the Ghastly. Mindy got her air time to pretend to hurt the first Haunter before I swapped her for Muckbreath. Mink went mano e mano with the Gengar, and overthrew him with flying colors (Mind over… er… ethereal matter!), and Muckbreath came back out for Haunter 2: Electric Boogaloo.

I had a lot of frustrating captures today. Lots of low catch rate pokemon wandering around here… I also remembered to transfer over my shiny pichu to get the spiky pichu. They’re both very cute. I can surf now, so its time for me to break out my Water Slave! Mwahahaha.

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