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Nether Rayyyyyy

Posted in Drawing, World of Warcraft with tags , , on 12/17/2012 by izzicality


See, I have this thing where since Blizzard has little to next to no information about Nether Rays, biology and behaviors and etc., aside from some snippets in quest logs and now some flavor text from battle pets, I’ve ended up making up my own “headcanon” for the beasts.

For example, how they actually fly seems to be all speculation, but regardless of the methods, I imagine that the fry of nether ray clutches cling to their mother’s back until they can hover about on their own.

Terrato in particular is suspected to be the runt of his clutch, so his clingy behaviors would last for quite awhile, and of course, transfer to his adoptive mommy Neilaren.
Having a FULLY GROWN Nether Ray perch on your head probably isn’t heavy — consider that at this point, he’s floating fine, just expressing affection.

This late night doodle was prompted by a particularly frustrating week of “I lost the Random Number Generator” game. No loot, no pet battle fun, no catching a break anywhere. Times like this, especially if we’re having a raid attendance drop, make me question just what part of World of Warcraft I find fun… it definitely isn’t anything RNG-related. I certainly don’t win loot and I never expect to. If I’m not raiding, “playing with friends” gets cut out of the picture, too. Even besides WoW, I was just not having the most positive of weekends. I spent much of Saturday in a lethargic torpor, at my lowest point. But even when I do not love the game I am playing, the nether ray-shaped mass of pixels named Terrato loves me… and I love nether rays. So the best cathartic plan at 3 AM Sunday night is to draw Terrato giving out his best attempt at a hug (what I dub “The Therapeutic Head Nom”).

At this angle, he looks a lot like a very cute Metroid. I suppose he is literally hugging a face, here, too.