Tuesday Night Tablet

We had a really productive Tuesday night. So I didn’t get to draw much. Go figure.Mawile-y things (Mawile is one of my favorite Pokémon!). THE JAGGERMAW is something I wish Mawile would evolve into, my best guess of how Mawile would look if the horns continued to take over it, until it became a very ferocious beast. I also designed a pre-evolution back in the day ( Ramile, which has the horns BEFORE they turn into a crazy mouth). The only flaw with my line is that it basically goes from “cute ram thing” to “futakuchi-onna” to  “The Jabberwocky and a Mawile merged together”. I wish Mawile would get more attention, though. It took two more generations before it even really got any STAB moves. It’s too bad Jaggermaw’s typeage (Steel/Dark) now has official representation in Black/White now with Pawniard/Bisharp, so I can’t be UNIQUE! But, really, why isn’t Mawile a dark type if she’s all about trickey?

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