Find Me Everywhere

I’ll use this post to list my presence around the internet. It will be updated when I create/remember more!

As a good rule of thumb, I’ve started trying to be consistent in my aliasing. I’m always going by either Izzy or Coxy, but most of my website aliases are either “izzicality” or “coxyko” due to the ease of the originals being taken.
If it’s World of Warcraft-related, sometimes I will go by Neilaren, since that is my primary character.

Blog (You are here!):

I call this my sketch blog, although occasionally I will probably post other things besides sketches and doodles.

Yes, this is a link to the place you are at right now! Or, it better be. If it’s not, there is a problem and you should let me know.


Think of this as “All Kinds of Chips After Hours”. Updates more frequently, very informal (swearing, warning, I try to otherwise keep it safe-for-work), and a fair bit more social.


My Youtube loudspeaker, occasionally does other Twitter-esque things.


Videos, of course. World of Warcraft raid videos and whatever else finds its way in the mix.


When I compose music, it’ll end up here more often than it would anywhere else. Battletag: Coxy#1419

Come play World of Warcraft with Neilaren (or any of my alts, really)! I also have Diablo III, though I haven’t been playing it recently.


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