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Of Chimeras and more Chimeras

Posted in Drawing with tags , , on 08/13/2010 by izzicality

I did the ink and colored pencil treatment to my chimera fan art from last week.


Monday Night (!) Pencil Sketch

Posted in Drawing, Tuesday Night Tablet with tags , , on 08/02/2010 by izzicality

I’m starting to re-post from poolswimmer, but when I draw things they should end up here, as an anchor, so I deem it fine.

Crazy idea: Houjuu Nue from 東方星蓮船 ~ Undefined Fantastic Object, and Ultimate Chimera from MOTHER 3. They’re both chimeras! Let’s sketch fan art of them together.

I did that sometime last year, and then didn’t finish the sketch, and then forgot about it… for a year. Pulled it from my closet tonight and added the finishing pencil lines.I may line it on my tablet and shade it; I may line it in pen and color it with pencils! I may do both! I may forget about it again for another year! But I think it’s pretty neat-o regardless.

Tuesday Night Tablet…?

Posted in Drawing, Tuesday Night Tablet, World of Warcraft with tags , , on 06/01/2010 by izzicality

I didn’t get to draw anything really tonight… Partly because I’ve been staring at TOHO CLOCK.

but also because we didn’t have that much downtime in ICC because…

when we had our 5 minute break, I was too busy having to look up info on Hunter Best-In-Slot Trinkets, because I got Deathbringer’s Will. It was a curse disguised as a blessing! … but that trinket is so fun regardless. 🙂

Fun with Wallpapers

Posted in Image Edit with tags on 05/19/2010 by izzicality

Sometime ago (a month or 2) browsing a small 東方Project imageboard there was an interesting picture posted in the “hey who has good widescreen wallpapers?” thread. I wish I knew the source of the image but at the moment I don’t know who originally drew it. It seems too vague a search for danbooru and I forget the source-finder site off the top of my head, so that’s a project for another day.

Basically, put it on tile and voila, a wallpaper of Escher proportions that fits any resolution monitor. I had it up for a while, but the colors are way too Christmas-y. Also, Reimu with green hair really unnerves me. So I figured I’d recolor it. After I putzed around with it in Photoshop, I decided to not just try to select areas and fill new colors, but create a second color blend layer and draw on that. It would color the outlines different colors too, and I was liking how it was coming out. The whole process probably took about two hours with my meticulousness.

Presto, instant wallpaper for any resolution, now in more than 3 colors!

My only regret is that, because of the way the color blend layer worked, Reisen’s socks and skirt are just not correct. Similarly Reimu’s hair is too light, but just coloring her hair black wasn’t sitting nice with me. I can easily go in and lighten Reisen’s socks and skirt so they aren’t black and brown respectively, but I feel like that would lose consistency with the rest of the picture, because I didn’t do anything extra to anyone else.

So yeah, I still have this one currently tiled on my 27″-er. Now that’s a lot of tumbling touhous.

Izzy’s KnowledgeSilver Quest: Vs. Jasmine

Posted in KnowledgeSilver, Pokémon with tags , , , on 05/03/2010 by izzicality

Izzy would like to point out that Jasmine is the gym leader who threw out her rock type Pokémon to discover A WHOLE NEW WORLD within the steel type, thus granting her a NEW FANTASTIC POINT OF VIEW toward Pokémon battling.

And bad puns.

…I didn’t forget about this! I haven’t actually been playing lately! And this particular piece I did a while ago.. and DID forget to post. So I guess I actually… did… forget. Well, it’s not my fault! YET AGAIN I raised at least 3 new Pokemon from scratch. It was boring. Fight after the break. -> Continue reading