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Another Kid Icarus comic

Posted in Drawing, Kid Icarus, World of Warcraft with tags , , on 11/15/2012 by izzicality

I had started this one a few months back, but Pit is just too detailed to really focus on… I end up forgetting to finish it for months. Palutena’s kinda fun to draw, though.

Palutena is such a troll. Anything to rub salt in the wounds!

In other news, raids have finally started back up in World of Warcraft; Be sure to head over to my YouTube channel and check them out. This time around, I made a splash screen introduction for my guild, featuring a silly logo and a cute little 8-bit composition, which will be accompanying all future videos.


All Kinds of Pits

Posted in Drawing, Kid Icarus with tags , on 06/15/2012 by izzicality

Have I ever mentioned that Kid Icarus: Uprising is a great game?

Pit. BlaPi. I love you guys. I hate your hair.

The more detailed my stuff gets, the smudgier the paper becomes. This will be getting lined treatment for sure.

My favorite part of this has to be that Pit has the Liedel Derp Face™.