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Tuesday Night… Tilly.

Posted in Digimon, Drawing, Tuesday Night Tablet, World of Warcraft with tags , , , on 07/06/2010 by izzicality

Tilly is an enigma wrapped in a hard carapace wrapped in a soft wool mantle. Or he’s just an anthropomorphic Tentomon that I cooked up a year or two ago. It’s interesting: When you give a character the ability to have facial expressions, you gain a whole new degree of appreciation for them.

Well, that’s what happened to me, anyway.

This cheerful fellow has become my mascot of sorts. He has also gone through a lot of design iterations. I have this thing where clothing is hard to design, but hairstyle is pretty easy to design. At some point I’ve been meaning to make a design sheet or a concept sketch detailing what I have managed to staple together but I think about it and then it’s kind of daunting.

I SAID CHEERFUL FELLOW, DANGIT. OK, fine, whatever. That’s like from 3 AM from few months ago and I’m cheating by putting it up here.  Tuesdays have become way too busy to devote to tablet time.

This week I am at my boyfriend’s house, and I lugged the computer up with me. Mostly to feel motivated when I have free time, which, since this is my vacation, is often. Except I’ve been drawing on post-its instead. And then placing them on my computer.

Little stick figure Tillies, why are you so cute!?

Here’s the swarm growing on my computer…

A small army of sentient ladybug men ready to nag me about how I spend my Tuesday nights I guess…!

In case anyone wasn’t aware, though I have it linked here, you can see some of our World of Warcraft follies on my youtube channel, Coxyko.

Lately also I have been playing a lot of Picross 3D! What a great impulse buy. If you even KNOW what Picross/Paint-by-Numbers/Pic-a-Pix is, let alone enjoy it, I highly recommend the 3D experience. It almost makes me want to take up chiseling as a hobby, except I’m pretty sure chiseling is nothing like Picross 3D. I’ll stick to pencil scrabbles and music loop composition…