Happy 2013

Boy oh boy what a smudge fest! That’s the downside of drawing with pencils.

Neilaren Brightstone makes the same resolutions each new year:

1. I will not tease my husband anymore.
2. I will strive to break the first resolution even quicker than I did the previous year.

There’s many things to celebrate on the WoW front: patch 5.2 is bringing some neat looking gear sets (I really like the hunter tier 15, and I do like the mage as well, but now I like it a bit less after having to draw it — eesh!) and Dire Horns! I’m pretty sure those refer to the soon-to-be-added triceratops models. I am definitely planning and hoping to update my devilsaur to the new model, and I’ll probably snag one of these Dire Horns — just need to have a nice name I’ll love for it.

Also, last night my weekly Sunwell run gave me the hunter-coveted Thori’dal, the Stars’ Fury! After having to do 28 Blackwing Lair runs for the Dragonbreath Hand Cannon, and not having seen Taoren the Soul Burner drop yet on my visits to Lei Shi (in LFR, because we haven’t gotten that far in normal raiding yet…) only having to do 11 runs for this legendary artifact is a breather. Now to hope that transmogging into legendary weapons will eventually become a reality (and that doing so will also bring over the sparkly visual used whenever I fire a shot with this bad boy — so pretty!)

So in general, here is to a new year of the creative process!


3 Responses to “Happy 2013”

  1. Grats on your Thori’dal, and Happy New Year. 🙂

  2. Looking forward to these dinosaurs, too.

  3. Oops not used to having to approve comments! heh
    Thanks and Happy New Year guys!

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