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Moving right along

lololol Crossovers
No, Terrato, be a good nether ray.
No, Terrato, don’t eat the laptop.


Boop Boop Doodling

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Neilaren is in despair.

New thing: Gonna try and draw an Izzy every day:

Day 1: Boop

Pokémon Conquest Spreadsheet

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I made a really thorough spreadsheet documenting everything I’ve acquired and everything I need to acquire in Pokémon Conquest, using Numbers on my native computer, but I just finished “importing” it to a Google Docs for general viewing.

Access it here. Comments within the document should explain how I labeled things.

Besides keeping track of my own game completion, it’s also a very good resource for things like stats, locations and evolution requirements.
I got all of my information from (translating as needed, of course), so I’m 93.14% certain of its authenticity (so, Ninety-Pi percent) …Of course, I’ll always edit as needed.

This post brought to you by my prodigious love of spreadsheets!

All Kinds of Pits

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Have I ever mentioned that Kid Icarus: Uprising is a great game?

Pit. BlaPi. I love you guys. I hate your hair.

The more detailed my stuff gets, the smudgier the paper becomes. This will be getting lined treatment for sure.

My favorite part of this has to be that Pit has the Liedel Derp Face™.

Find Me Everywhere

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I’ll use this post to list my presence around the internet. It will be updated when I create/remember more!

As a good rule of thumb, I’ve started trying to be consistent in my aliasing. I’m always going by either Izzy or Coxy, but most of my website aliases are either “izzicality” or “coxyko” due to the ease of the originals being taken.
If it’s World of Warcraft-related, sometimes I will go by Neilaren, since that is my primary character.

Blog (You are here!):

I call this my sketch blog, although occasionally I will probably post other things besides sketches and doodles.

Yes, this is a link to the place you are at right now! Or, it better be. If it’s not, there is a problem and you should let me know.


Think of this as “All Kinds of Chips After Hours”. Updates more frequently, very informal (swearing, warning, I try to otherwise keep it safe-for-work), and a fair bit more social.


My Youtube loudspeaker, occasionally does other Twitter-esque things.


Videos, of course. World of Warcraft raid videos and whatever else finds its way in the mix.


When I compose music, it’ll end up here more often than it would anywhere else. Battletag: Coxy#1419

Come play World of Warcraft with Neilaren (or any of my alts, really)! I also have Diablo III, though I haven’t been playing it recently.

Building A Slightly-More-but-Still-not-as-Better Nether Ray

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I’ve gotten very accustomed to drawing Neilaren’s nether ray “Terrato” a very specific way, and that way looks nothing like how a nether ray actually looks in World of Warcraft.

For example, here is Terrato doing what Terrato enjoys doing best (annoying Kazin, and also having a large piece of meat to eat, but especially annoying Kazin).

And here is the Neilaren Brightstone Tinkering Terrato Seal of Authenticity, which is how you know your lockbox was explosively unlocked by a very trustworthy source that did not take the gold inside as a tip or anything! (I had attached this to a “lockbox” I made for a Christmas present.)

I figure I should actually figure out their weirdo ray shape instead of sticking with the floating blob with googly eyes (Oh, but the floating googly-eye blob is very cute).

It’s certainly too ferocious looking to be Terrato, right? So it’s not Terrato.

It’s still not… there, yet. Every reference model I wanted to use has nether rays at rather difficult angles to really get a grasp of how they look. I’m going to just have to take my own screenshots of Terrato the next time I log in…

…I’ve been so busy playing Diablo III lately, so that I haven’t been logging in as likely as one would think!

Goofusmon and Gallantmon

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Because I always like making Digimon image macros…
Tyler and I got into a conversation about Goofus and Gallant last night and it didn’t take very long to have this come out of it. I credit him with the second image caption.

Whatever Taichi’s doing isn’t obvious. He has all these times where he’s reckless and flirts with danger, and none of it ever looks obvious when it’s screencapped. Oh well, hopefully it’s vaguely apparent enough that he’s basically running toward a large monster with a stick, here. The other option I was looking at was in the SkullGreymon episode, but even though it’s obvious he’s holding a rock (after he threw one at the enemy Greymon), it’s not obvious that 1) He just threw a rock and 2) The Greymon in the background is NOT the Greymon that is his friend. I mean, sure, there’s even that whole episode where he does a bunch of stupid things because he has the “I’m just data like in a video game so nothing bad will happen to me right?” mentality, but without captions of what’s being said nothing really shows what’s going on. All rather unfortunate.