I did the Fall of Theramore Scenario for Both Factions

I can’t say I am very enthused about the story direction going on in World of Warcraft (Pandaria is great, just. not. the Horde development. Gah.) but I’ll save that rant because I’ve gone into great detail to several people now how it just irritates me as a storytelling type and character designer to play and just watch them give up on doing anything with Garrosh Hellscream hence leading us down the predictable routes.

Anyway, on the Horde version of this new Scenario you rescue a spy in Theramore! Except he is kind of sassy and all “Hey, you gonna free me or DO YOU HAVE OTHER IDEAS?”
I was like “Yeah, my idea is to go right upside your head”.

And then there was Tuesday Maintenance today, so I drew a comic related to it, relating to my WoW character (Neilaren Brightstone) and one of my boyfriend’s (Liedel Sunstorm) since we did the scenario on them.

A transposition here because handwriting and unfortunate space issues with text placement:

(panel 1)
Thalen: So… Ladies. Got any plans before freeing little old me?
Neilaren: Yes. Punching you straight to the moon. Go home.
(panel 2)
Thalen: …No? Well, you’re both welcome to come hang out with me in Silvermoon sometime…
Liedel: Paladin is credit to team!
Neilaren: Look, Sassypants. I am married. She is naive.
Thalen: …Married? Why limit yourself, Sexy?
(panel 3)
*as Thalen is being punched straight to the moon (or cross-realm-zone or whatever)*
Liedel: … Friend Neilaren… He was our way to go home.
Neilaren: We have HEARTHSTONES, you twit!


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