Welcome to World of Warcraft Patch 5.0.4

Two of the biggest changes for Hunters this patch are:

No more minimum range, so I can finally stack on melee and hit the boss! No more isolated Hunter requiring dedicated healing!

There’s only one main weapon slot, so we will no longer be equipping our polearms and staves (and swords, and axes, and dagger, and fist weapons…) We can still equip them but then we can’t attack. 8) I’m keeping some of my favorites and sentimental valued items to idle around town with…

Oh, did I say “idle around town”? I meant

Well at least Terrato’s really happy about all of this.

What was that, Shannox? You want me to transmog back into the armor set that utilizes your glorious scalp?

Maybe I will… when that gun from BWL finally drops. 20 runs and not a single drop, on a 13% drop rate, story of my life.


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