Pokémon Conquest Spreadsheet

I made a really thorough spreadsheet documenting everything I’ve acquired and everything I need to acquire in Pokémon Conquest, using Numbers on my native computer, but I just finished “importing” it to a Google Docs for general viewing.

Access it here. Comments within the document should explain how I labeled things.

Besides keeping track of my own game completion, it’s also a very good resource for things like stats, locations and evolution requirements.
I got all of my information from http://wiki.grovyle.net/ranse/ (translating as needed, of course), so I’m 93.14% certain of its authenticity (so, Ninety-Pi percent) …Of course, I’ll always edit as needed.

This post brought to you by my prodigious love of spreadsheets!

2 Responses to “Pokémon Conquest Spreadsheet”

  1. I love spreadsheets too LOL!

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