Building A Slightly-More-but-Still-not-as-Better Nether Ray

I’ve gotten very accustomed to drawing Neilaren’s nether ray “Terrato” a very specific way, and that way looks nothing like how a nether ray actually looks in World of Warcraft.

For example, here is Terrato doing what Terrato enjoys doing best (annoying Kazin, and also having a large piece of meat to eat, but especially annoying Kazin).

And here is the Neilaren Brightstone Tinkering Terrato Seal of Authenticity, which is how you know your lockbox was explosively unlocked by a very trustworthy source that did not take the gold inside as a tip or anything! (I had attached this to a “lockbox” I made for a Christmas present.)

I figure I should actually figure out their weirdo ray shape instead of sticking with the floating blob with googly eyes (Oh, but the floating googly-eye blob is very cute).

It’s certainly too ferocious looking to be Terrato, right? So it’s not Terrato.

It’s still not… there, yet. Every reference model I wanted to use has nether rays at rather difficult angles to really get a grasp of how they look. I’m going to just have to take my own screenshots of Terrato the next time I log in…

…I’ve been so busy playing Diablo III lately, so that I haven’t been logging in as likely as one would think!

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