Goofusmon and Gallantmon

Because I always like making Digimon image macros…
Tyler and I got into a conversation about Goofus and Gallant last night and it didn’t take very long to have this come out of it. I credit him with the second image caption.

Whatever Taichi’s doing isn’t obvious. He has all these times where he’s reckless and flirts with danger, and none of it ever looks obvious when it’s screencapped. Oh well, hopefully it’s vaguely apparent enough that he’s basically running toward a large monster with a stick, here. The other option I was looking at was in the SkullGreymon episode, but even though it’s obvious he’s holding a rock (after he threw one at the enemy Greymon), it’s not obvious that 1) He just threw a rock and 2) The Greymon in the background is NOT the Greymon that is his friend. I mean, sure, there’s even that whole episode where he does a bunch of stupid things because he has the “I’m just data like in a video game so nothing bad will happen to me right?” mentality, but without captions of what’s being said nothing really shows what’s going on. All rather unfortunate.

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