Much Ado about Pokémon Black

I’ve been playing Pokémon Black almost nonstop (except to sleep, work, and raid) since Monday. My initial plan to do a Blind Let’s Play (where I just take screenshots of every second of gameplay) got thrown aside when I decided that I’d rather see the game with my eyes than through a camera lens with bad exposure. Instead, I am still blindly playing (no referencing GameFAQs, Serebii, or Bulbapedia for anything that wasn’t covered pre-release) and compiling everything I learn into a Google Docs spreadsheet. I’m somewhat amateurly translating as I go, as well.

Things I am putting in my “Fauxkédex” as I come across them:

The entirety of the Isshudex: Number, Name, Species, Type(s), Weight/Height, Entry. I probably will not bother to add in locations, very daunting and I don’t actually know if time of day factors into availability yet.

I’m romanizing the names myself, so very few of these will have Pokémon Company’s registered romanizations until I’m done with the dex in-game and weed through Bulbapedia for them.

Evolution Info: What level, or required item, etc.

Abilties: This includes the abilities that the creatures I catch myself have, and also whatI learned from Pre-release info for a few creatures.

I’m inputing both original Japanese text (very very slowly) and either a romanization or a (bad) translation for everything except Abilities (I might add that in later, I just didn’t have the time to go through them today when I started this). American names for abilities are in ().

I may eventually add in a column for American Pokémon name ideas. I’m bad at coming up with my own, but there’s a select few I have thought of.

This won’t have move lists or Game Plot things or item lists, because I’m sidetracking myself enough from the game as is to bother trying to translate game text.

Look at my progress here:

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