Fun with Wallpapers

Sometime ago (a month or 2) browsing a small 東方Project imageboard there was an interesting picture posted in the “hey who has good widescreen wallpapers?” thread. I wish I knew the source of the image but at the moment I don’t know who originally drew it. It seems too vague a search for danbooru and I forget the source-finder site off the top of my head, so that’s a project for another day.

Basically, put it on tile and voila, a wallpaper of Escher proportions that fits any resolution monitor. I had it up for a while, but the colors are way too Christmas-y. Also, Reimu with green hair really unnerves me. So I figured I’d recolor it. After I putzed around with it in Photoshop, I decided to not just try to select areas and fill new colors, but create a second color blend layer and draw on that. It would color the outlines different colors too, and I was liking how it was coming out. The whole process probably took about two hours with my meticulousness.

Presto, instant wallpaper for any resolution, now in more than 3 colors!

My only regret is that, because of the way the color blend layer worked, Reisen’s socks and skirt are just not correct. Similarly Reimu’s hair is too light, but just coloring her hair black wasn’t sitting nice with me. I can easily go in and lighten Reisen’s socks and skirt so they aren’t black and brown respectively, but I feel like that would lose consistency with the rest of the picture, because I didn’t do anything extra to anyone else.

So yeah, I still have this one currently tiled on my 27″-er. Now that’s a lot of tumbling touhous.

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